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About Nictheroy

Nictheroy is a unique 2D top-down game, in which you must explore countless lands, gather vital resources, and build your base.

Within this universe, you the player have the free will to decide where you will go and what adventures you will pursue. Secret storylines, unexpected events, and special interactions will create a journey unique to each explorer.


  • Meet previously undiscovered civilizations and extraordinary characters

  • Enjoy a fast paced-action adventure RPG with challenging nemesis showdowns

  • Band together with a friend to explore a vast land and all of its untold secrets

  • Build your village by recruiting NPC’s from across Nictheroy

  • Complete different collections and help to restore the land to its former glory

  • Dozens of customization and crafting options

Game Story

As the years go by, our world grows more and more despicable. Politicians lead us unashamedly to our doom, creating laws to serve themselves and leaving the uneducated masses to fend for themselves, unaided and unwanted. The population lives like sheep, waking up in their little boxes every morning to go to work, to produce for a faceless corporation who care not for death, but for profit. We are nameless faces in a crowd of the unremarkable. A crowd that’s shuffling steadily toward the edge of the cliff. Tired of this world, a mysterious invitation arrives and the hero is teleported to a whole new world, one that is maybe not as different as it thinks.

Known as Nictheroy, this world is home to curious cultures and civilizations, many of which mirror those found throughout the history of our planet, Earth. In the vast desert regions dwell the sand settlers, constructors of great pyramids, sphinxes, and amazing buildings, who worship their leaders - the pharaohs - as part of their polytheistic beliefs. In the mountains live the sun worshippers in their stone temples. On the central steppes live the great warrior tribe, with amazing riders, formidable in the arts of war, and reminiscent of the Mongolians. Their neighbours are similar to that of the ancient Chinese, known as being the greatest farmers and inventors on the whole of Nictheroy. In the forest you contact the native people of the land and know their unique lifestyle.

Gameplay summary

In Nictheroy, the player must gather resources to craft items and build the castle village that is its home base. Exploring many environments and locations, the player can recruit NPCs to help in the journey and expand the base. With the resources found, the player can make weapons and armours to defeat bosses. There are campfires around the world where the player can rest and save while preparing for new exploration.

Those brave enough to take part can fish, grow crops, chop trees, mine resources, ride animals, shoot using a bow, handle a sword, and find even more ways to interact with the plentiful nature of the universe. As an open-world game, the player makes their own goals and explores Nictheroy at their own pace, delving into unique environments and compelling storylines.

Other gameplay features

Day & Night cycle: Day and night transitions will trigger special events.


Calendar: a calendar system will be in the game to create unique events. The calendar is based on 6 animals and 5 elements, totalizing 30 days for a full cycle.


Skills: The player will have different skills to level up during the journey, such as combat, farming, foraging, fishing, mining, cooking, and spirituality.


Chinese elements and philosophy: The elements in the game are based on Chinese culture, fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. Yin and Yang philosophy are present as well showing that everything must have a balance and the elements are connected to everything in our lives.


Others features: Items quality and upgrades, enchanting, weather conditions, base management.

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Nipix games is a new Indie Game Studio from Brazil founded by Jorge de Souza Junior. The studio is producing its first game Nictheroy.

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